Yorke’s Student Support Services is Exemplary

Since our inception, we have been delivering training to students globally. We understand the educational and cultural differences of individual students’ needs and cater to their needs to help them transition into our courses and assimilate life in Australia.

  • Student Orientation Program
  • Student identification number and photo ID card
  • English Language Support System – a system to identify and help students with English language needs to meet course requirements.
  • Assistance for job placement within the industry
  • Career advice, including preparation of resumes and interview skills
  • Application for Course Credit and Recognition of Prior Learning (R.P.L)
  • Pre arrival services available upon request Is this still relevant?
  • Assistance with student accommodation This still relevant?

Orientation Program at Yorke

At the Orientation, overseas students will be advised about:

      • Support services available to assist in adjusting to study and life in Australia
      • English language and study assistance programs – ?
      • any relevant legal/counselling services
      • emergency and health services
      • Yorke’s facilities and resources relevant to your course
      • Complaints and appeals processes
      • equirements for course attendance and academic progress and how Yorke monitors these and reports progress to DIBP
      • The support services available to assist with general or personal circumstances that are adversely affect their education in Australia; and services you can access for information on your employment rights and conditions, and how to resolve workplace issues, such as through the Fair Work Ombudsman
      • During the Orientation students will be provided with the Yorke Student Information  to review or access through this link before accepting the terms of enrollment in their Student Agreement

Studying at Yorke Institute

Yorke provides a fair process for learning, by delivering quality and personalised learning experiences to all students. Class sizes are optimized for students to receive personalized attention from our qualified trainers and lecturers.

Teaching and Learning Strategies

Yorke learning philosophy is based on assisting students to form broad conceptual understandings while gaining depth of knowledge, skills and attitudes that will benefit them in their chosen field.

Further information on Yorke’s study policies are available in the Handbook

This is achieved by focusing on learning outcomes for the students and implementing a range of different teaching methods to cater for different learning styles of individuals.

The teaching methods have been developed based on industry assessment standards. Industry specialists are engaged to visit the campus to consult on best practice within the industry.

Teaching strategies engage students as active students in the learning process using a range of assessment methods. These include oral responses to questions, observation of performance, portfolio of evidence, written responses to questions, assignments and case studies.

The learning environment is designed to support all students regardless of their cultural background, race or gender.
Classes are structured to allow dialogue between students and trainers, and among students, thus encouraging them to express understandings and views and receive feedback on them.

Student Support Team

Yorke’s Student Support Team include the • RTO Manager, who deals with academic issue and providing guidance and support ,monitors academic progress, implementation of intervention strategies and reassessments • Student Administration Officers who deals with general issue and can refer you to relevant qualified individuals depending on the nature of your enquiry; Academic Team comprising trainers who would guide you through your progress; Finance Team that can provide information on tuition fee and reconciliation of student accounts

All advice and matters dealt by Yorke Institute staff are treated as professional and confidential.

Language, Literacy and Numeracy Support

Language, Literacy and Numeracy expectations are based on the National Reporting System within the guidelines of DEEWR.

Students, who have been identified with any language and literacy needs, will be given further assistance. This assistance may include adapting the delivery and assessment methods to suit the needs of the students by providing a mentor, assistance through using a scribe, a fellow student to assist with assessment activities or a variation of the assessment method. (i.e.: verbal or demonstration rather than written).

Student Welfare

Yorke takes the safety, health and welfare of its students very seriously. Support service is provided to all students to help them assimilate life in Australia.

Other Free Services available to Students

Personal / Social issues

Students have access to the Student Support Team through normal business hours of 9.00a.m till 5.00p.m. For contact outside of these hours, either email and the relevant staff person will respond within 24 hours of receiving the email or contact the Institute number on 03 90420231. This call will be diverted to an Institute representative who will respond as soon as possible.

Should an emergency arise that needs immediate assistance, dial 000.

Medical and other professional issues

A list of medical professionals/other services within access from the Institute’s location.

Social Programs

Social events will be organised to allow all students enrolled with Yorke Institute to mingle and socialise. These events may range from cultural and sightseeing events, to dinners, excursions, competitions and sporting events. We encourage all students to participate in these programs as it’s one of the best way to mingle with your college friends, sightsee and learn on the go! Check out news and events in this website and our noticeboards for more information on upcoming events.

Legal Issues

Yorke is able to refer students to appropriate legal practitioners for legal advice pertaining to personal matters at no cost. However, for reference to solicitors in specific areas please contact the Law Institute on 03 9607 9311.

Education Services to Overseas Students Act 2000

We recommend that students read the ESOS Framework and the Australian Government’s explanation of how the Education Services to Overseas Students Act 2000 works:

Local Amenities and Facilities

In the local surrounds of  Yorke Institute are numerous amenities and facilities for your convenience.

Melbourne CBD Campus

Train, Tram & Bus

Yorke is located within a short distance from Flinders train station. Located at the heart of Flinders Lane; Yorke is accessible by trains, busses and trams.


Parking is limited to two hours in most parking located around the campus.

Restaurants & Cafes

A wide selection of restaurants and cafes are located within walking distance of the campus in Hardware Lane and Elizabeth Street

Local Banks

  • Commonwealth Bank – 260 Flinders St
  • ANZ – 293 Collins Street
  • Bank of Melbourne- 360 Burke Street.
  • NAB – 330 Collins Street


Priceline Pharmacy, MyChemist, and Chemist Warehouse are some of the popular pharmacies located around the city campus

Coburg Campus

Train & Tram

Yorke Institute is located next to the Moreland train station and trams run regularly into the Moreland Road and Sydney Road.


Parking is limited to between one and five hours in most parking located around the campus.

Restaurants & Cafes in Coburg

A wide selection of restaurants and cafes are located within walking distance of the campus in Sydney Road and Moreland Road.

Local Banks

  • Commonwealth Bank – 840 Sydney Rd
  • ANZ- 114-116 Sydney Rd


Moreland Primary School, St Paul’s Primary School,  Brunswick Secondary College, Coburg Senior High School


MyChemist, Chemist Warehouse are some of the popular pharmacies located along Moreland Road and Sydney Road.

Other Campuses

Yorke has conducted training in other campuses

  • Dandenong – 124 – 126 Princes Highway, Dandenong Victoria 3175