Yorke’s Healthcare Courses Now Open for Enrolment

Yorke’s Healthcare Courses Now Open for Enrolment

Yorke Institute has achieved yet another milestone with the commencement of its Healthcare and Community Service programs. Four new courses have been introduced to Yorke Institute’s curriculum in addition to its other popular courses.

– CHC33015 – Certificate III in Individual Support

– CHC43015 – Certificate IV in Ageing Support

– CHC43415 – Certificate IV in Leisure and Health

– CHC53415 – Diploma of Leisure and Health

After months of diligent work by Yorke Institute staff with several healthcare professionals and establishments, Yorke Institute has been approved to deliver its healthcare courses to local and international students.

The practical training for all courses will be conducted in an Aged Care facility where students will be able to interact with clients and qualified staff.

According to Yorke’s CEO, Kamini Jenarthan “Our phylosophy in education is to provide our students with as much training in an operating work environment as possible so that the training remains relevant and current when they enter the work force. Our students will receive practical training in an operating aged care facility which will enable them to interact with clients and qualified carers and professionals. They will observe how carers function and interact with clients in variable scenarios. This system has worked with our Dental Technology program where our students receive training within a commercial dental laboratory and work placements at the Giorgio lab. It has helped them build confidence and secure employment during and post studies in the dental industry. We are confident that this will be just as advantageous for our Healthcare students. Eligible domestic students can apply for funding under the VTG funds to study these courses and fees will remain affordable and flexible payment plans accessible for all fee for service students.   “


Training will be delivered by qualified professionals including registered nurses who have wealth of experience.

Work placements will be arranged by Yorke Institute in partnership with several prominent and established aged care facilities in Victoria and nationally. Contact us on info@yorkeinstitute.com or +61 3 9042 0231 or our approved agents

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